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Radio Support: 920

The Intarace 920 is the highest performing radio we now supply.

Built with an alloy chassis,  this compact radio has the power and durability for the harshest of environments.  

Clarity of transmission and reception is second to none in the industry, ensuring accurate radio communication, whatever the situation.

Power output is set to ½ watt for PMR446 use, but can be turned up to 5 watts for other frequencies where applicable.

The 920 walkie talkie is available PMR 446 with the NEW EXTENDED 16 PMR446 frequencies

The built-in FM radio receiver allows you to listen to music channels, or you can simply add an FM transmitter to your Mp3 or GPS unit to provide integration.

To make purchasing easier, we include an intelligent charger & 2000mah Hi-Capacity battery with the radio, but there are also a host of accessories that you may want to consider.

Transceiver radio: 920 Series



Radio Chart

Radio 920 Instructions

Radio 920 Series Instructions